• Porta Press is virtually maintenancefree when the supplied regulator/oiler/separator is maintained.
  • No mechanical parts or clutch or brake assemblies that require alignment.
  • No jamming at the bottom of the stroke from the eccentric ram.

This design is perfectly suited for small precision parts. Full air operation makes locating a snap and the light weight and portability make it the dream press for an evolving R&D process. Tooling for the press can take many shapes. Our experienced engineering department can help you with simple and effective tooling to solve your most difficult problems.

The Porta Press is compact and lightweight. At 150 lbs., it can easily be moved around the shop vs. the traditional punch press at 1,000 lbs. that becomes a permanent fixture when it is first located. Die set maintenance requires you to only grease bushings and sharpen punch die as required.

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