Let us introduce you to a better way to punch, form, countersink and run a single station or progressive dies.

Our Porta Presses do not need any special hook up and can be running within 5 minutes of arriving at your shop. You just need to hook it up to air, no need for special electrical connections or regulatory approvals. Just plug her in and go. Our presses can be used for very fine detail bending and punches as well.

Punch Tools Porta Presses are portable, safe and virtually maintenance-free. Versatile and variable tonnage with the unique ability to be able to shift the load center to where the work needs to be done.

Bring the Porta Presses to the job rather than having to accommodate the place in the shop you put the press in 2 years ago which no longer works for you. Our Porta Presses are all on wheels and can be relocated easily to accommodate that new job.

Punch Tools Porta Presses are virtually maintenance-free, just a little oil in the lubricator once in a while and they will run forever. Porta Presses are safe — the standard is a foot pedal that when released the ram returns automatically.

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